How to Treat Sagging Neck, Chin, and Jawline – Surgical to Non-Surgical Options

A 42-year-old lady wants to know if she will be able to get a more defined jawline from liposuction alone, or if she will need to have a neck lift done as well. She also wants to know if her skin will have enough elasticity to spring back from liposuction.

New York oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews her concerns in this video, explaining how sagging facial skin can be addressed non-surgically, depending on the amount of sag, and other treatments for the neck area:

0:48 — Dr. Prasad details his background training is cosmetic surgery and his specialization in facial rejuvenation

1:31 — The importance of having a physical examination to determine the amount of sag skin has, and whether it has enough ability to return to its normal position after a procedure

2:38 — Dr. Prasad discusses his conservative approach to addressing sagging skin, which involves liposuction, a non-surgical skin tightening device, and structural volumizing with the help of fillers

4:53 — Dr. Prasad’s recommendation

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